Support the Merry Christmas Bill

Larry's Tale

"Last year, I sent a piece of my mind about this subject to the █████████████████ ISD school board. I was upset that ████████ Elementary used the terms Winter Break and Winter Social instead of Christmas. I ended up debating through email with the head lawyer of the school district for a period of two days. I also talked to the principal of ████████ where my twin girls attend. Both efforts were like hitting my head up against a brick wall. These people are so convinced at the righteousness of their enlightened diversity position, that individuals such as myself have no chance of breaking through. I used my best logic to no effect. I did find out that the school district has no policy that restricts staff from using the words Christmas Break or Christmas Program. I tried to get the Lawyer to send out a notice to all staff that they were free to use the word Christmas Break and Christmas Program. The Lawyer refused. Last December, I attended the UN-Christmas program put on by the fourth graders at ████████ Elementary. My little girls are in the fourth grade and were in the program. There was not a single reference to the word Christmas. It was as if someone deliberately purged the word Christmas from the program. One of the songs that they sang was 'We Wish You A Merry Swinging Holiday'. The other songs were unrecognizable Christmas Carols with any reference to Christ purged out. The program stank. I am still spitting and hitting the roof. I am so sad for the children who will miss out on the joy and magic of Christmas from their public school program. I fondly remember my own Christmas Programs in the public school that I attended in Oklahoma. The adults in those days had no problem in saying the word Christmas and telling the true Christmas story of Jesus' birth. Anyway, Merry Christmas. I am so glad that you have taken up this cause. I hope and pray that you will succeed."

Larry B.
Houston, Texas