Support the Merry Christmas Bill

Glenda's Tale

"I do not have children but I am so tired of the trend of denying children the opportunity to enjoy the activities and joy of celebrations in their school whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another event because we might offend one particular group. There is so much hypocrisy that we should be careful to offend one group but it is OK to squash the traditions of another group. The children should be learning tolerance and intercultural awareness in school, all the more reason to encourage children to experience events from different cultures so they can have a broader based education and hopefully drown out the current state of the nation of racism, intolerance and division. We need to get back to civility and tolerance and sharing the joys of life. I have a number of friends with children of different religions including one who is a devout Muslim but she and her children enthusiastically enjoy the Christmas celebrations and events as equally and sometimes more than Christians. They also enjoy multicultural celebrations throughout the year. My friend is one of the most tolerant people I know; we could learn a lot from her."

Glenda H.
Jacksonville, Texas