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Tales of Christmas Past

"Let's get back to celebrating Christmas—not 'Winter' or 'Holiday' (we all know what holiday it is... own it!). I am grateful that ███████████ ISD still allows Christmas carols to be sung in their programs but the individual room parties still have the 'Holiday' or 'Winter' theme."

Kathy C.
Friendswood, Texas

"YES, KEEP Christmas in our schools! I still remember being an angel in my first grade Christmas Pageant... which was a PUBLIC school. KEEP America, American—with the values of our Founding Fathers in tact."

Deany M.
Houston, Texas

"My daughter is a 20-year school teacher in the ██████ School District, teaching 5th grade. They are not allowed to even put up a Christmas tree (not any kind of tree)—not allowed. The children or the teachers or other school personnel cannot say 'Merry Christmas' to each other or to the children, nor can they exchange any Christmas cards or Christmas gifts to each other... very sad, as this has been happening for the last few years. My daughter informs me she and other teachers can be fired if they attempt to break this rule. So, no Merry Christmas at school, no nativity, and no Christmas tree or gifts. They can be 'holiday' gifts, but no cards with religious messages."

Dorothy, C.
Houston, Texas

"I don't have any children in school nor grandchildren yet. However, I do remember what it was like during Christmas as a child. It was a wonderful time. We always went to my Grandparents home on Christmas Day. I remember saving my money all year to be able to buy presents. Trying to guess what was in the Christmas presents under the tree was such a part of the excitement. And, helping decorate the tree with popcorn strings was a lot of fun. Everyone said Merry Christmas in those days. All the stores were decorated for Christmas, many with nativity scenes. It was a wonderful time. I wish it was still that way."

Williams W.
Houston, Texas

"We can't even bring red and/or green paper goods at our school for our kids' 'Holiday Parties'. Enough is enough! Thank you for this petition!"

Kathy S.
Sugar Land, Texas

"My story is the memory of WONDERFUL Christmases Past when I was free to celebrate Christmas at school with my friends. Christmas parties were always the best and it was great when our moms got to bring Christmas cookies and eggnog. I hope my children will have the same freedom and experience."

Jenny G.
Austin, Texas

"I do not have children but I am so tired of the trend of denying children the opportunity to enjoy the activities and joy of celebrations in their school whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another event because we might offend one particular group. There is so much hypocrisy that we should be careful to offend one group but it is OK to squash the traditions of another group. The children should be learning tolerance and intercultural awareness in school, all the more reason to encourage children to experience events from different cultures so they can have a broader based education and hopefully drown out the current state of the nation of racism, intolerance and division. We need to get back to civility and tolerance and sharing the joys of life. I have a number of friends with children of different religions including one who is a devout Muslim but she and her children enthusiastically enjoy the Christmas celebrations and events as equally and sometimes more than Christians. They also enjoy multicultural celebrations throughout the year. My friend is one of the most tolerant people I know; we could learn a lot from her."

Glenda H.
Jacksonville, Texas

"Last year, I sent a piece of my mind about this subject to the █████████████████ ISD school board. I was upset that ████████ Elementary used the terms Winter Break and Winter Social instead of Christmas. I ended up debating through email with the head lawyer of the school district for a period of two days. I also talked to the principal of ████████ where my twin girls attend. Both efforts were like hitting my head up against a brick wall. These people are so convinced at the righteousness of their enlightened diversity position, that individuals such as myself have no chance of breaking through. I used my best logic to no effect. I did find out that the school district has no policy that restricts staff from using the words Christmas Break or Christmas Program. I tried to get the Lawyer to send out a notice to all staff that they were free to use the word Christmas Break and Christmas Program. The Lawyer refused. Last December, I attended the UN-Christmas program put on by the fourth graders at ████████ Elementary. My little girls are in the fourth grade and were in the program. There was not a single reference to the word Christmas. It was as if someone deliberately purged the word Christmas from the program. One of the songs that they sang was 'We Wish You A Merry Swinging Holiday'. The other songs were unrecognizable Christmas Carols with any reference to Christ purged out. The program stank. I am still spitting and hitting the roof. I am so sad for the children who will miss out on the joy and magic of Christmas from their public school program. I fondly remember my own Christmas Programs in the public school that I attended in Oklahoma. The adults in those days had no problem in saying the word Christmas and telling the true Christmas story of Jesus' birth. Anyway, Merry Christmas. I am so glad that you have taken up this cause. I hope and pray that you will succeed."

Larry B.
Houston, Texas

"Last December, my 8-year old daughter was very excited about her upcoming Christmas Party at her school. However, she was very confused one day when she brought home a letter from her teacher informing her mother and me that the annual event would now be referred to as a 'Holiday Party' and gave us a set of rules to abide by on the day of the event. We were told that the school was discouraging students from wearing the colors red or green in order to be sensitive to other students, and that the phrase 'Merry Christmas' should be replaced with generic greetings such as 'Happy Holidays' or 'Season's Greetings' on any 'holiday' cards. This may come as no surprise to those of us who have witnessed this trend in recent years, but I can tell you it didn't make a whole lot of sense to our daughter. I guess it's never too early to be forced to teach your child about the absurdity of political correctness."

Steve B.
Katy, Texas

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