Support the Merry Christmas Bill

A child at Christmastime

“Daddy, why do we have a Christmas tree at home and a Holiday tree at school?”

The Texas Legislature recently passed the Merry Christmas Bill in 2013. This new law protects Texan’s right to acknowledge traditional winter holidays on school grounds.

In today’s world of political correctness run amok, Christmas Trees have been replaced with “Holiday Trees” and simple on-campus greetings such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah” can land a student or teacher in hot water.

Whether it’s Christmas or Hanukkah, our children, teachers, parents and school administrators should have the freedom to acknowledge these traditions in our public schools without fear of censorship, punishment, persecution or litigation. The Merry Christmas Bill guarantees that freedom.

We hope other states will follow and pass similar laws of their own — but we need your support to spread the word across the country!

Tales of Christmas Past

"My daughter is a 20-year school teacher in the ██████ School District, teaching 5th grade. They are not allowed to even put up a Christmas tree (not any kind of tree)—not allowed. The children or the teachers or other school personnel cannot say ‘Merry Christmas’ to each other or to the children, nor can they exchange any Christmas cards or Christmas gifts to each other… very sad, as this has been happening for the last few years. My daughter informs me she and other teachers can be fired if they attempt to break this rule. So, no Merry Christmas at school, no nativity, and no Christmas tree or gifts. They can be 'holiday' gifts, but no cards with religious messages."

Dorothy, C.
Houston, Texas